The Best Security Tips for Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs


Protecting Restaurants, Bars, and Nightclubs

Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants need security. Criminals often target these businesses because they tend to have large amounts of cash on hand and they also have valuables like alcohol on the premises. Plus, these establishments often have high turnover in staff, so there are more opportunities for criminals to exploit new or unfamiliar staff. In addition, the combination of low lighting and a busy establishment presents numerous opportunities for crime.

Here are some ways to secure bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.

Do Not Keep Too Much Cash on Hand

As mentioned, criminals frequently strike restaurants, bars, and clubs because they know there’s a high likelihood that there will be a significant amount of cash on hand. That’s why it’s important to regularly empty tills and registers into a secure safe. Storing cash is a secure location is critical. That way, if there’s a robbery, there will be less easily-accessible cash to steal.

For this same reason, it’s also a good idea to make bank deposits frequently. Don’t leave large amounts of cash sitting in the office or on a manager’s desk. Whenever you make deposits, try to ensure that two staff members go together. This reduces the chance of them being robbed.

Use Lighting Correctly

Most bars, restaurants, and clubs have dim lighting in place. While this might help set the mood for customers, it also makes it easier for criminals to steal without being noticed. It’s much more difficult for security cameras to capture useable footage when a property isn’t well-lit.

While it’s understandable that you may want dim lighting in some areas of your business, try to ensure that cash registers and other areas that contain valuables are well-lit. You should also consider installing lighting on the exterior of your property to discourage criminals from attempting a break-in. Criminals like to hide in the darkness. Don’t give them that opportunity.

Train Staff to Keep an Eye Out

Teach staff to be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour. If they notice a group of people gathering near a sensitive area or someone lurking around outside, for instance, make sure that they contact security or the authorities.

Use Physical Security

Physical security puts a barrier between criminals and your property. This makes it significantly more difficult and time-consuming for them to gain access to your valuables. For instance, installing security gates on your doors and windows will protect your location from smash and grab robbers. In these crimes, criminals use force to break into a location, steal what they want, and flee the scene. One of the major aspects of these crimes is speed. Criminals want to get in and out of a location as quickly as possible. By installing gates, you slow criminals down considerably, causing them to avoid your location entirely.

Another way to use physical security is to install it inside your property to protect valuables. For instance, alcohol that is not currently being used at the bar can be locked behind gates to keep it secure. You can also use gates to restrict access to sensitive areas like offices or stock rooms. This will keep your restaurant, bar, or nightclub safe and secure.

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