Counter Top Security Gates

Why do counter tops need security gates?

Additional layers of security is beneficial for Pharmacies, restaurants, food counters, service counters protecting valuable inventories from theft and pilferage. Securing the counter tops for after hour protection or even as a temporary security measure when needed.

What about my showcases and items on the counter?

Quantum security gates can be mounted on a top track system to suspend from above, as the diamond shape tubular gates are less than 2” wide there is plenty of room for displays. The gates can stack 15% of their opening size and can fold away or run the track past the opening for easy out of the way storage.

The gates are a cost effective security solution for small narrow counter tops as well as wide counters. The open diamond lattice pattern allows for ventilation and visibility in and out of the secure area.


Do I have other options to secure my counter?

Yes, aluminum folding closures may be used; they are available with many styles from a solid panel, perforated or open link style. These security closures run on a top track and do require 6” clearance for folding / stacking.

Roll down shutters or grilles are also an option a variety of horizontal slats are available, solid, perforated, punched or open grille style, The overhead box that collects the slats when rolled up, is mounted above the opening, and the slats run in a end channel on each side. They bottom locking bar is less than 2” wide and does not take up much counter space. These roll down units can be spring loaded if you have easy access, crank operated or electric ( not recommended ) Widths of single units are limited and for strength narrow shutters work best.