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 Why Would I Need an ADA Lever Lock?

To help against the threat of retail smash and grab burglaries, Quantum Security Gates has been supplying and installing unique retractable security gates to retailers in all industries throughout North America since 1997.    As a leader in the industry, we re-designed our unique tubular steel retractable front door security gates in order to facilitate an ADA Lever handle.  This is in accordance to follow the “Door Hardware” standards and guidelines which fall into the Standards Accessible Design act.  Within this new gate system, we will be using the Adams Rite 4550 MS Dead Lock 3” lever handle.

What are some of the ADA specifications specific to the lever lock?

  • The ability to open the lever lock with one hand, and does not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist to operate the lever lock on the security gate.
  • The security gate lever lock height on the security gate is no higher than 48” from the floor
  • The opening force to open the lever lock is 3 pounds of force, well within the five-pound maximum.
  • The security gate lever lock opens and closes within a 5 second minimum.

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Why use a Quantum Security Gate with lever lock?

Quantum has responded to the increasing requirement for high quality retail storefront protection in the fight against retail smash and grab crimes.  As such, our Unique retractable security gates focus on quality in delivering a product that will help you keep unwanted intruders away.

  • Our lattice pattern security gates create an aesthetically pleasing and bold deterrent when the store is closed.
  • The security gates are retractable and retract back during open business hours, going virtually unseen.
  • They are maintenance free, and take seconds to open and close.
  • Cost-effective
  • Window gates can be keyed alike and I/C cores can be used in door gates for key control.
  • Four powder coated options: black, white, gray, safety yellow.
  • 2-year warranty.

Who is responsible for the approval?

It is up to the customer to work with their local fire marshal to decide if this lever lock meets their own local city standards.  This conformity has been approved in many parts of the USA, however, each city and state have different laws pertaining to the approval process.   Quantum can however, provide you with the specifications of our retractable security gate with lever lock door hardware information.  Quantum Security Gates does not get involved in the application of permits.

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ada lever lock

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