A smash and grab robbery can be devastating for a business. Thousands of dollars of valuable merchandise can be gone in seconds. Windows will be smashed. Doors will be damaged. Display cases will be broken. This leaves a huge mess in the store in addition to all of the valuable merchandise that is taken. When these potential costs of lost merchandise are taken into consideration, the viability of security gates and their protection and deterrent factor are easily justified.

These kinds of losses are tough for retailers to recover from. Not only do they need to cope with the financial loss of the products that are stolen, but they also need to pay for the repairs to their store. In many cases, this will involve shutting the store down for quite some time while the repairs are made. This costs the store business and those customers may never return. While the store is closed, customers will buy their mobile phones elsewhere, resulting in even more lost business for the damaged property.

Plus, when your mobile phone store is robbed, you’ll then be forced to deal with the police, the repair company, the insurance adjuster and many other individuals and organizations. This takes time and effort and it results in yet another painful task on the plate of the owner.

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Quantum Security Gate For Mobile Store

Criminals Target Mobile Phone Retailers

Cellular phone stores are often targeted by criminals. In fact, they frequently scout stores in advance, looking for properties where they can steal the largest amount of valuable products in the shortest amount of time.

One major reason that criminals target cellular phone stores is because phones are very valuable and in very high demand. iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and many other types of phones, tablets and accessories have incredibly high value on the black market. They can quickly and easily be sold by criminals for thousands of dollars.

Plus, these items are small, meaning that quite a lot of them can be carried from the store easily and without much hassle. Criminals don’t need a truck or any special equipment in order to leave the store with thousands and thousands of dollars in merchandise.
The average smash and grab robber is in and out of a store in minutes, sometimes seconds. He or she does not want to stick around long enough for police or security guards to arrive. Therefore, merchandise that can be carried away with ease is often desired. This makes mobile phone stores a very big target.

How to Improve Mobile Phone Store Security

As mentioned, criminals don’t want to spend a great deal of time at a property. They want to break in, get the valuables they’re looking for and get out before anyone even knows what happened. Alarm systems are designed to alert people and the authorities of a crime in progress. However, it takes time for police or security guards to respond to an alarm. With most smash and grab robberies, the criminals are long gone before anyone can arrive. Video surveillance cameras are designed to capture footage of criminals and crimes, but this information is mostly only helpful after the fact. Plus, many criminals are aware of security cameras and they cover their faces to make identification much more difficult.

When you install a physical security solution at your property, you are making it significantly tougher for a criminal to access a property. Plus, even if he or she is able to gain access, the time it takes and the tools required often make it undesirable to do so. Criminals don’t want to bring several tools to a property and spend a long time trying to disable security gates. They know that this will get them caught. That’s why, in many cases, criminals completely avoid properties that have security gates installed.

Why Trust Quantum Security Gates?

Quantum is a trusted security partner that has supplied and distributed security gates across North America since 1997. We work with our customers to ensure that they receive the physical security solutions that are right for their specific needs. We know that quality products, a dedication to customer service and a strong focus on after sales support are crucial to success. That’s why our customers remain our number one focus at all times.

We work with companies from coast-to-coast to provide cost-effective security solutions that keep businesses safe. Contact us today for more information on how we can keep your cellular phone store safe and secure.

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