Sporting goods stores are often targeted by smash and grab robbers. These stores contain quite a lot of merchandise that criminals crave. In higher crime areas and larger cities (such as Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix and many others) criminals know that sporting goods stores contain a great deal of expensive merchandise. In just a few minutes – or even a few seconds – a smash and grab robber can steal hundreds or even thousands of dollars from your location. They can do this without being caught because if they lack a physical security gate, it takes time for alarm systems and even security cameras to be effective.

When a criminal breaks in, the alarm sounds (assuming one is installed) and then time is needed for a response. Even with a monitored alarm system, the authorities don’t arrive immediately. Criminals know that they have a few minutes to steal the sporting goods that they’re looking for and get out before anyone reacts to the alarm. This delay lets criminals escape with valuable merchandise, leaving your store behind in shambles.

Video surveillance cameras can help police identify criminals, but this footage can only help after the fact. In addition, many criminals now know that cameras are installed in most stores, so they wear masks or otherwise cover their faces, making it significantly more difficult to identify them.

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Protecting your Sporting Goods Store

Retail window security gateSmash and grab robbers take advantage of the situation that they are presented. Criminals know that they will be able to get away without being caught as long as they quickly get in and get out of a store. They use speed to their advantage. Therefore, in order to decrease crime and reduce the likelihood of a smash and grab robbery, it’s crucial to slow criminals down. One very effective way to do this is to install physical security at you property.

Criminals choose properties where they know they can easily smash through a window or a door. They use items like crowbars, bricks, rocks, hammers and baseball bats to get in. By installing physical security gates, you take these options away from them. The “smash” part of “smash and grab” becomes significantly more difficult. Criminals don’t want difficult. They don’t want time-consuming. As mentioned, the want to be in and out of a property in minutes. When you install security gates, you take away this option.

Advantages of Security Gates

Security gates offer a number of advantages. By correctly installing these gates, you can drastically reduce crime at your sporting goods store. Criminals know how effective security gates are. They know that these gates make it a great deal tougher to break into a property. They also know that the likelihood of being caught in the act is significantly higher when a property has security gates. Why? The main advantage criminals have is that they can rob a store blind in minutes, faster than police or security guards can arrive on scene. When you install security gates, they need to spend more time figuring out how to get around the gates. This gives the authorities more time to arrive and increases the likelihood of a criminal being caught.

For this reason, security gates are a major crime deterrent. Criminals often choose to avoid properties that have them installed. It’s not worth the risk to them.

Other types of security such as window film may make it less likely that a criminal can successfully break in to your sporting goods store, but these tools aren’t visible, so they’re not a deterrent. A criminal will still attempt to break your glass and still do damage to your property since he or she won’t know that security film is installed.

Despite being a visible crime deterrent when they need to be, security gates can easily be rolled or folded out of the way during business hours, making them invisible when you don’t need them. This keeps your property looking inviting to customers and it’s a major advantage that security gates have over fixed burglar bars.

Why Choose Quantum Security Gates

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