hallway security for institutions

Institutional Security Products

Schools, hospitals, airports, arenas, and other institutional venues or buildings all have lots of staff and foot traffic, not to mention security needs that may change from one day to the next.

 Control access to specific rooms or areas in a matter of minutes with portable gates
 Protect employees and the public from injury by sectioning off areas under development
 Keep thieves and vandals away from valuable inventory, displays, and equipment

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Many Uses, One Goal

While the institutional category of security products encompasses a huge variety of buildings and uses – including schools, universities, airports, stadiums, and medical facilities – they all have in common the need for sturdy, reliable, and versatile equipment. That's because these types of venues may see hundreds of thousands of visitors per day, and can house fragile and expensive equipment.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we can help you find the right system of doors, gates, locks, and partitions to keep your inventory, information, visitors, and employees safe. And, with the versatility of our portable and expandable gates, you can open or close rooms and areas as needed.

Institutional Products

 Roll-Down Shutters
 Locking Systems
 Front Entry Doors
 Hallway Access Control
 Server Room Security
 Portable Access and Inventory Control
 Partition Gates
 Security Cages