retail security gates on a storefront

Security Gates For Retail Storefronts

Whether your retail store faces a street or is located inside of a shopping mall, Quantum has products to help you keep your employees, inventory, and customers safe from after-hours intruders.

 Retail security gates roll back during the day, but deter thieves at night.
 Quantum Security products may lower insurance rates for your retail store
 Our easy locking system allows you to control access with your existing store keys.

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retail security gates on a storefront

Why Retail Shops Need More Protection

Retail break-ins – including opportunistic "smash and grab" types of theft – have been rising steadily during the past decade. Stores on busy streets and high-traffic areas are at the greatest risk. Particularly when there are multiple incidents in a given night, police simply cannot respond fast enough. But, with Quantum's line of retail security gates in place, your doors and windows are visibly protected.

What’s interesting is that more often than not, break-ins are opportunistic, meaning that the burglar is just looking for quick entry. As a result, the storeowner is left to deal not only with a loss of merchandise but also the replacement cost of window glass and security film (invisible to the thief).

During the day, these gates can be rolled back to display products and present an inviting storefront to shoppers and guests. After-hours, however, they give thieves a visible reminder that your shop is protected. You get all the protection of metal bars, without taking away important display space or making a bad impression on customers.

Why do you need fold-away, out-of-sight expandable security gates?

  • Their bold, highly visible appearance makes them a deterrent when your store is closed.
  • They easily fold and roll away out of sight during business hours.
  • They are cost effective, easy to operate, maintenance-free and aesthetically pleasing.
  • They can be “keyed alike” to your front entry doors for ultimate convenience.

When you have the right deterrents in place, you become eligible for insurance and successfully avoid costs associated with loss of product and window glass repairs.

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