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Industrial Security Gates

Industrial buildings often require special security gates because they need to prevent theft and vandalism while also protecting employees from falls, loading zone accidents, and other hazards.

 Portable gates and partitions allow you to close off work zones or restrict access temporarily
 Scissor-style gates and other collapsible options give added protection to back entries
 Section off areas to allow for safe loading and unloading, even after hours

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Combine Safety and Security

Industrial buildings provide a unique security challenge because they store valuable equipment and inventory while often being located in high-crime areas. Additionally, many industrial buildings need to accept shipments and deliveries after normal business hours when most staff are gone for the day. Gates and barriers may be required to prevent on-the-job injuries as much as acts of theft or vandalism.

A series of personal doors, gates, and cages can be ideal for securing an industrial building and lowering insurance premiums. These can be used to close off parts of a facility, or the entire building itself, while letting would-be thieves see that they would be wise to turn their attention elsewhere.

Which Security Gates Work Best For You

If you’ve spent any time looking into security gates to protect your business, you’ve probably discovered that there are a number of different options available. But, which works best for you? That will depend on your unique situation. No two businesses are the same and, therefore, the security needs of every business are unique and the security gates that you install will be different as well.

The first decision you will need to make is which areas of your property to protect. This, again, depends on your particular property. If you have large windows, you will need to consider gates that can be utilized to protect those windows. You may also wish to install security gates that protect your front door as well as  emergency or man door entrances. Obviously, if you do not have windows, you won’t need to worry about securing them.

However, the exterior entrances are not the only areas you may want to protect. If you have a location that contains especially valuable or dangerous goods, machinery, or you wish to quarantine a given area, this can all be done in any configuration with our unique gates. You may wish to protect your supply room, server room or records room as well. Security gates can be utilized during business hours to ensure that only employees can enter these sensitive areas.

Industrial Products

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