Server room double diamond gates

What can Quantum Security provide for doors?

As the doorway is the most vulnerable area to protect, Quantum security heavy duty double diamond security gates with high security L206 locking mechanism provides security and ventilation when needed. These easy to use strong tubular steel gates compress and swing 180 degrees to provide unrestricted access to the room.

How do I know when to secure my server room?

Server rooms should be secured even before you plug in your server. The expense of even a small server and the set up costs are worth protecting immediately.

There are different levels of securing your server room. Consider the investment inside the server room; a small business with a single server might only need to secure the doorway of the room or closet. Larger companies with huge investments in servers, IT equipment, and sensitive data storage might want to spend more dollars fortifying the room.


What are some physical safeguards?

 Never put a server in a room that has windows
 Have at least one monitored fire alarm inside and outside the server room
 Emergency power- off switches be inside the server room
 CCTV surveillance of the entry should be set up to monitor entrance
 An electronics- safe fire extinguisher should be prominently located inside the server room.
 Do not advertise server room with signage.
 Install a security gate behind the door.
 Use high security locks on doors and gates, provides key control.
 Use wire mesh panels with the room to act as second layer of protection.

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