pedestrian access control gates

Access Control Security

Access control gates and cages can be used to prevent customers, visitors, or even employees from reaching specific rooms or items, such as alcohol, tobacco products, or firearms.

 Install portable gates inside your property or retail store to restrict access to a specific area
 Prevent employees or visitors from reaching valuable technology or inventory
 Keep alcohol, tobacco, and other retail items secured with a cage that covers these products

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Prevent Access and Protect Assets

Security gates can be used for more than simply keeping criminals off your property. When using portable gates and security cages, many businesses lower their losses and liabilities by keeping valuable items out of reach, or protecting sensitive products with a durable locking mechanism.

Not only do these security products make businesses safer and more efficient, but they are durable and easy to use. Simply put them into place when they are needed, and keep them folded out of sight when they aren't. You won't find an easier or more cost-effective method for access control.

Access Control Products

 Countertop Gates
 Partition Gates
 Security Cages
 Locking Systems
 Server Room Control