Portable shipping dock gates

Why Secure Shipping, Bay and Dock Doors?

Our Tubular steel lattice security gate is designed to make your facilities more secure and still allow frequent easy access to those who need it.
They fold back easily and out of the way when people and equipment need to pass, but provide a lockable barrier when closed.

The entrances need to be secured to provide an additional layer of protection against a break in attempts, when the warehouse or plant is closed for business.

Our Safety Yellow Security Gates protect the shipping area during daily operation against unwanted intruders while the bay doors are open for ventilation, as well as providing a barrier to prevent accidental falls from elevated loading docks.

How are scissor style security gates used?

Quantum Security gates that are used for dock doors should be highly visible ("safety yellow"), to visually alert dock workers when they approach or are near the fall hazard.

These gates are mounted to the walls on either side of the steel door track, and are bi-parting locking in the middle. When the gates are unlocked they easily roll away and fold 180 degrees storing outside of the steel door track to allow for unrestricted access through the door opening.


Shipping door gates

I have a very wide shipping door, can it be secured?

Yes, regardless of the width of opening scissor style security gates can used to secure the opening with either 79” high or 98” high gates. If however, you are looking for a higher 10' gate, then our Tmax folding gate could be for you. The gate sections can also be joined together on portable trolley systems that use a 22” base with 2 wheels for stability and ease of use.

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