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What is the Double Diamond Emergency Exit Retractable Security Gate?

The Quantum Double Lattice Heavy Duty Burglar Bar Retractable Door Gate is designed to secure emergency exit doors inside the rear of retail stores, plants and warehouses.

Due to the fact that thieves can easily go unnoticed outside the back entry doors of many facilities, exit doors tend to be more vulnerable to break-ins. Thieves have all the time in the world to “work their magic” on doors and locks in order to gain entry.

How it Works

When your perpetrator thinks they’ve gained entry into your facility, they are confronted by
the Quantum Double Lattice Emergency Door Security Gate with a fire marshal required thumbturn. Needless to say, access is denied.

This specialty Tubular security gate makes it impossible to reach through the double lattice in an attempt to gain access to the thumbturn. The strength of the gate combined with the piercing sounds of the burglar alarms make it highly likely that your thief will panic, give up and leave the premises.


Flexible Application

In industrial and commercial applications, emergency and man door exits can be left open during working hours to facilitate air circulation, while the double diamond gate still provides superior security and access control.

Back Door Security Gate Test

If you agree Quantum security gates are the right choice for you, please contact us today and we’ll have them delivered and installed in no time.