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We have experienced staff members who can give you the answers you need, based on your business, location and security concerns, without any obligation. All you have to do is call us and provide some basic information about your business and location. From there, we'll walk you through your options.

A New Level of Security

We are proud to introduce a Physical Security Product that can be hidden away when not needed, and secured in place when issues arise. Take the steps you need to protect your property from a variety of dangers including robberies, fires, floods, natural disasters, civil unrest and more. Nobody ever wants these types of situations to occur at or around your property, but it’s still crucial that you protect yourself. View Civil Unrest Preparedness.

Finding the Right Security Gates

Recently had a break-in, or are worried that your building, inventory, and employees aren’t as secure as they could be? Below, you'll find links to descriptions of some of our most popular products.

Where do you work?

 Retail Store
 Industrial Building with Machinery / Vehicles
 Commercial or Office Building
 Institution (hospital, school, arena)


Quantum security knows that your warehouse, shipping bay and equipment are valuable and need to be protected from accidental damage or theft. These security products are most recommended to our industrial clients:

 Warehouse Security
 Shipping and Bay Door Security
 Access Control
 Slam Locks
 Emergency and Man Door Access


Commercial security is a balance of internal and external security measures. Quantum offers a variety of gates and locking mechanisms that allow you to control access to individual rooms as well as your entire building.

 Top Track Gates
 Partition Gates and Access Control
 Hallway Access Gates
 Window and Door Security
 Server Room Security
 Locking Systems


With break-ins on the rise, protecting retail space is as much a matter of visible deterrence as physical access control. If a potential thief can see that your store is secured, they'll likely move on to something easier. Quantum security gates are highly visible and tubular steel design means they are effective if a determined criminal tries to access your storefront.

 Top Track Gate Mounting
 Tmax Security Gates
 Window and Door Security Gates
 Secure Front Entry Doors (double and single door)
 Aluminum Folding Grilles
 Aluminum Curtain Grilles
 Roll Down Shutters
 Countertop Security Gates
 Inventory Control
 Security Cages for Valuable Product
 Key Alike Locking Mechanisms