Quantum Security is committed to providing customers the best online experience helping customers find the best products to suit your individual needs. Please review our frequently asked questions regarding physical security gates.

How much is a gate?

The price of a security gate can have several determining factors. Often an individual gate is not the answer to your security needs. We offer a line of security gates and work with you and your budget to select the best gates to meet your needs. If you are able to send a picture of the area you want to secure we will respond quickly with some options and budget estimates, with no further obligations.

What type of security gate do I need?

The type of gate you may need is usually dependent upon the application. We have 3 main types of gates, scissor style folding gates, top track mounted aluminum closures and roll down grilles and shutters. Speaking with one of our industry experts will help you provide options and costs.

How can I get an estimate?

We understand the need for expedient estimates,  as security is usually time sensitive. By speaking with one of our experts we can generate a good budget estimate based on the information you are able to provide, Often a couple pictures of the storefront or area you need secured will help determine type of gate and generate a budget estimate. Providing us with more information with allow us to make our estimates more accurate. Call or email us.

Do you do the installations?

Yes, we can provide that option as well, we have many preferred technicians in most major cities. Contact us to find out if we have a technician near you.

Can I install myself?

Depending on the selection of security product and ability, our experts can advise and provide detailed self installation instructions. We can also direct your general contractor or handyman and answer any questions if you have them perform the installation.

Does the security gate get mounted on the outside?

We recommend that physical security be mounted inside, this helps as a second layer of defense. Alarms systems go off when glass is broken or doors are pried open, at which point the perpetrator would need to deal with the physical security barrier. Any security products mounted outside could be at risk of unnoticed tampering before an alarm is triggered. Mounting products indoors will also protect your investment, extending product life by not being exposed to the outdoor elements.

What colors are available?

Our standard colors are white, black, medium gray and safety yellow.  Special match colors can be done, please speak with one of our experts.

Does someone come to measure?

In the interests of time and cost containment, we leave site measurement (if required) to the order stage. Site measure is more crucial for top track closures and roll down shutters, as these are semi-custom made.  Scissor gates are fairly low-tech and much more forgiving of dimensional variance. If our experts further see the need to verify dimensions they will send out a technician.

How long does it take?

Delivery times will vary depending on product selection and destination. We can generally ship anywhere in the continental US or Canada within 3 to 10 days, from receipt of order.

Is there a local dealer?

We have not focused on building dealerships, with security being sensitive and our ability to provide corporate customers coast to coast service direct from our head office helps them and individuals with one contact solution.

What kind of lock is used?

There are 2 basic types, both built onto the gate to eliminate risk of locks going missing.  Our unique tamperproof SLAM locks are generally used on window gates.  The locks used for doors, mall top track closures, and roll shutters involve mortise cylinder locks. Please speak with one of our experts if you require interchangeable core housings.

Why are roll down shutters and aluminum curtains more expensive?

The cost of material as well as the manufacturing needs make them more costly than a standard tubular steel scissor gate.

What are the scissor gates made of?

18 gauge ½” x ½” cold rolled tubular steel with 16 gauge end channels. Powder coated finish.

Is there a warranty?

Shutters and curtains have a 1 year warranty on normal wear and tear, the scissor style folding gates we offer a 2 year limited warranty on normal wear and tear.

Do you have gates for shipping doors?

Yes, our fold away scissor style gates are ideal for securing both elevated docks as well as drive in shipping doors. Single or bi-parting gates used for widths up to 10 ft. Larger opening can also be secured with our gates, please speak with one of our experts to provide you with the security or safety solutions you need.

Do you have gates that are mobile or portable?

Yes, our scissor gate modules can be trolley mounted in easy maneuver locking sections. Locking sections together in any configuration with unlimited lengths make them ideal for large openings. Height options are 79” high up to 98” high, 4 powder coat finish colors, and collapse to a compact profile for rolling away to a remote area for storage.

How wide can your scissor gates go?

For strength and manageability we designed the gates to span a maximum of 10 feet.  Depending on the application we recommend not exceeding 8 ft per gate. Large opens can be managed with top track solutions, please speak with one of our experts.

How high are the scissor gates?

Scissor gates are available in stacked heights of 33” up to 98” high.  For higher security needs we recommend top track aluminum  closures. Call our industry experts to help you with selecting the best products to meet your needs.

What is the maintenance on the gates?

For the scissor gates and top track folding closures, there is virtually no maintenance unless you are in a dirty environment or a dusty one....then simple oiling of the locks and keeping the wheel track clean is sufficient.  Shutters require slat and roller maintenance more frequently.

Can all the gates be keyed alike?

Window gates using slam locks can all be keyed alike, gates with mortise cylinders allow you to change cylinders to match your existing keys, for ease of use and key control.

Do you have gates for counters?

Yes, we have scissor gates, shutters, and curtains for all counter applications. Discuss your application with our experts.

Can the gate be used to secure hallways?

Yes, scissor style gates are used for hallways in schools and other institutions, easy to use and fold away when not in use.

Can the gates go on a top track?

Yes, both aluminum security closures and scissor style gates can be supported by a top track.

How do roll down shutters operate?

This is generally predicated by weight. The bigger and therefore heavier units generally require motor power. The electric motor control can be toggle and/or key switch, or even remote controlled. Please speak with our experts to discuss sizes and limitations.

What is the maximum height of an aluminum top track closure?

Depending on dimensional profile and model choice, the rough rule of thumb is 16’.

Do you have fixed bars?

We do, but hesitate to recommend them without making it clear that the rigidity works against you, if mounted on your door, once the thief breaks the door lock, or pries it open, he can swing the door open with the bars attached!

Can someone crawl under the gates?

The space under the diamond webbing is generally less than 6 inches making it very difficult to get under.

Do I need special tools to install?

No special tools or knowledge is required. Basic tools such as a drill, level, hammer and in some instances a hammer drill for the concrete floor may be needed.

Where do you ship to?

We mostly ship all across the USA, and Canada. But we are also capable of shipping virtually anywhere in the world.

Are there by laws to prevent me from securing my doors?

Laws and codes may vary from city to city, please check with your local inspectors. Our products are available with thumb turns if required.

Is there anywhere I can see your product?

As we have over 16,000 completed installations we may have an installation near you, please call us to help locate a location close to you or check out our resource pages for more information on our products.