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How To Improve Your Security After a Break-In

In the aftermath of a break-in, business owners and property managers often decide that they've had enough and start looking for immediate security solutions. Quantum can help you find the solutions that are right for your needs, budget, and timeline, with one of the industry's fastest and most professional teams standing by ready to help.

If you're recovering from a break-in your property and want to know how to get started, here are a few steps to help:

Assess your vulnerabilities. Although many break-ins are simple "smash and grab" crimes of opportunity, now is a good time to look at all the parts of your business and property to see where upgrades and improvements might be needed. Look beyond front doors and storefront windows to see how criminals might be able to get into your building, and what they might be able to steal once they're inside.

Think past the immediate crime. Just because someone took merchandise from a window shelf this time doesn't mean that others won't come looking for money, files, or technology later. Do you have specific inventory that needs even more protection, technology that should be locked away, or sensitive products that should be locked behind a cage?

Don't make the wrong decisions because you're flustered. Many business owners decide that, following a break-in, the simplest and most effective way to protect what they have is by placing bars on store windows. These provide a visual deterrent, of course, but can also negatively impact your ability to display products and impress your customers.

Talk with your insurance agent. Installing products like the ones Quantum offers isn't just good for safety and inventory control – it could help you to lower your insurance premiums, as well.

And most importantly, talk to a member of the Quantum team. Right now, you probably have dozens of questions swirling around in your mind. You're probably wondering what kind of protection you need for your company, as well as which types of security gates and cages you can afford, and which will be most effective for your business.


Ready to improve your security?

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