top of escalator security gate

Office Building Security

Quantum can help you protect office buildings and other commercial facilities of any size. With our sturdy and versatile line of products, you can protect technology, valuable records, and even retail shops or kiosks.

 Expandable gates are hidden during daytime hours but provide a visible deterrent at night
 Partitions, cages, and retail gates can secure retail locations inside office buildings
 Protect server rooms and other expensive technology with specialized gates and partitions

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Protecting More than Equipment

Because office buildings are often found on busy streets and next to industrial zones, they're very visible targets for thieves and criminals. And even if criminals aren't able to take confidential files and expensive technology from offices, the damage they do could far exceed the value of the items lost.

Quantum can help you protect every part of an office building, from the street-facing doors and windows to vulnerable and sensitive areas inside. Plus, our gates, doors, and other security products or durable, easy to use, and don't require special maintenance.

Office Building Products

 Front Entry Doors
 Security Cages
 Roll-Down Shutters
 Window and Door Security Gates
 Server Room Security
 Aluminum Folding Grilles
 Access Control