Inventory control gates

What do You Mean by Inventory Control?

Many types of security technology are designed to alert you to a crime or help you identify criminals who have caused a crime. For example, with an alarm system, an audible alarm system sounds when a break-in is detected. This is done to alert the criminal, anyone in the area and the authorities that there is a crime taking place.

A video surveillance camera, on the other hand, records what is taking place on the scene in order to determine how a crime took place and to identify the criminals. Both of these options are strong methods of security, but they both function AFTER the fact. They only work once a crime has already taken place.

Using Quantum Gates to Stop Crime Before it Happens

Quantum inventory control security gates work differently. The goal is to make it significantly more difficult for shrinkage of valuable inventory or merchandise from been stolen off the racking system, by attaching and securing our tubular gates to the racking system itself and locking them off with our patented Slam Lock. This stops the potential crime BEFORE it happens.

When you have gates correctly installed and locked, valuable inventory like electronics, computers, TV's etc simply can't be stolen....even though they are still visible on the racks. Quite simply, criminals cannot use typical “smash and grab” tactics to break into your location. This prevents a number of crimes and reduces theft, vandalism and damage to your property all of which comes off the bottom line.


When you install Quantum security gates on your property, you are letting criminals know that you are prepared. Unlike other forms of security that help you after a crime has already taken place, gates help you stop crime from ever happening at all.