Window and Door Security Gates

Our tubular steel gates are designed to cover the full length of any window or door and up to 98" in height! The product is easy to handle and operate, folds neatly out of the way when not in use and can be expanded with an optional top rack. The security grilles serve to block and visually deter intruders, while protecting your inventory from theft. The lattice pattern is finished in a hard shell, high-gloss, rust-resistant baked epoxy coating, and the product is manufactured with steel that is carbon controlled by ISO 9002 standards.

Why do I need it?

You must be tired of those all-too-common, fixed-window bar gates that are obtrusive and unsightly. Quantum tubular gates fold neatly out of the way to 15% of their opening size so you don’t need to clutter your store space with poor presentation products during business hours.

If you use security film, although it may uphold the appearance of your storefront it cannot be seen by intruders, which means they have no form of deterrent! When a burglary takes place, you’re left to deal not only with the cost of stolen merchandise, but also the costly repair and replacement of window and door glass and security film.


What locking systems go with the door and window gates?

The L206 lock post with mortise cylinder and thumbturn is used to join the burglar bar doors in the centre. Let your locksmith change the cores to be keyed-alike to your front door system, and consider adding our patented Slam Lock design to your window gates.

Secure your store to prevent crime.

I’ve had a break-in! How fast can you supply and install?

Because we carry a large inventory of stock sizes for both window and door gates, we’re able to react immediately to urgent situations with delivery and install usually taking 3-8 days.

Not too long ago, Quantum reacted to a spate of break-ins in the Dalla-Houston area, and secured no less than 45 storefronts in 3 weeks with complete burglar bar window and door security systems.

If you agree Quantum security gates are the right choice for your storefront, please contact us today and we’ll have them delivered and installed in no time.