Warehouse security gates

Where Would I Need Warehouse Security Gates?

Warehouses are a place where machinery, personnel and stock are all in close proximity - creating the possibility for a safety or security hazard. Only give the right people access to the right equipment to best protect your staff, machinery investments and inventory. Security gates should be used:

 On all doors and windows.
 On bay and dock door entries.
 On racking to secure valuable merchandise.
 Where access control is required to restrict personnel to certain areas eg hallways, cafeterias etc.
 Around machinery to prevent access to dangerous moving parts.
 To secure areas that have computers, documents or other valuable inventory.

What are the key benefits of retractable security gates?

If you're making the move from invisible to visible security, or simply looking to add an additional form of protection to your industrial or commercial plant, Quantum security gates offer the following benefits:

 Cost effective.
 Durability, reliability and security.
 Very easily adaptable to any configuration to suit your situation.
 Portability and mobility.
 "Safety yellow" security gates are the choice for industrial and commercial security.