Security Solutions for Incidents of Civil Unrest

Civil unrest can happen anywhere. Much like a fire, flood or natural disaster, you never know when one of these situations will take place near your property. If a large protest, riot or moment of civil disorder occurs near your business, this event could cause serious damage to your property.

From broken windows and damaged storefronts to stolen merchandise and more, civil unrest can be very costly for a business who hasn't considered how they should secure their properties.



It’s important to remember that civil unrest can happen just about anywhere. Large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago aren’t the only places where such situations arise. Recent events in Keene, New Hampshire, Lexington, Kentucky, Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland and other cities show that these incidents can take place anywhere, from in both large and small cities and towns across the country.

Protests can very quickly turn from organized and peaceful into disruptive and even violent and destructive without warning. When these situations happen, it isn’t just retail stores that suffer damage. Banks, coffee shops, offices and a wide variety of other locations also become targets. There is usually no connection between the type of property and the root cause of the civil unrest situation. Large groups of people can be unpredictable and large public gatherings can quickly fracture into many smaller groups that have various goals in mind, some of them criminal.

It is important that businesses take steps to protect themselves as damage caused by civil unrest can be incredibly costly. In addition to stolen or damaged merchandise, businesses also suffer broken windows and other property damage that is expensive and difficult to repair. In many cases, businesses have to close for quite some time in order to complete the required repairs.

The Importance of Physical Security

Single security installed to secure doorsIn situations of civil unrest, alarm systems and surveillance cameras lose a great deal of their effectiveness. Due to the size of the crowd and the sheer number of incidents taking place at any given time, police or security guards can simply not arrive on scene in time to prevent crimes or catch criminals in the act. These same issues detract from the usefulness of security cameras. The size of the crowd and the nature of the chaotic situation can make it very difficult to identify anyone involved.

Physical security tools such as security gates place a barrier between the public and your property. This makes it significantly more difficult for any property damage to take place at your location. Gates also serve as a strong deterrent. They let people know that a property is protected and therefore many will not even consider this property a target due to how difficult it will be to cause any damage.

There are several different types of security gates that work well in situations of civil unrest.

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top track entrance door gates



Permanent security gates can be installed on a property and used for day-to-day storefront protection as well as security during incidents of civil unrest. These gates can easily be rolled or folded out of site during business hours and concealed by advertising bins or wall pockets. This ensures protection when the gates are locked, but keeps your location looking open and inviting during business hours.

Security gates can also be stored in an offsite warehouse and deployed as required. In events of civil unrest, these gates can quickly and easily be brought to a property in order to provide increased security.

Working with Quantum Security Gates

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