One of the main security threats to drug stores and pharmacies is smash and grab robberies. Criminals often target pharmacies because they contain small yet very valuable items that can be easily carried from a property and sold on the black market. Prescription drugs, narcotics and other products typically found in drugs stores are some of the most commonly stolen items in smash and grab robberies.  Pharmacy security gates can help prevent this from happening.

These robberies cost pharmacies significant amounts of money. Not only do smash and grab burglaries lead to increased expenses, but they also result in lost time and greater hassle for pharmacy owners and employees.

When a criminal smashes a window or a door in order to gain access to a drug store, the store will have to file a police report, speak with insurance companies and arrange repairs. Not only is this time-consuming, but repairs can be costly and could even require the store shutting down while the repairs are made. This leads to a loss in profit and a potentially a damaged reputation.

Rather than suffering these consequences, take steps to improve security before a criminal breaks in. This will save you the cost and hassle of dealing with a crime after it’s already happened.

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Why Criminals Target Drug Stores

Criminals are opportunistic. They see drug stores as easy targets because they contain desirable, high value items that can be easily carried away from the scene of a crime.

In 2013, Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company released in a five-year analysis of drug store and pharmacy crime. It found that criminals most frequently entered the scene of the crime through the front door or window. This was the case in 52% of all burglaries. The report stated that “in most cases, the criminal kicks the glass, throws a rock or uses a tool to smash the glass. Doors are also attacked, typically with crowbars and wrenches.”

It also noted that “video surveillance does not appear to deter thieves” and recommended “protecting doors and windows to slow down or eliminate the possibility of entry.”

Physical security gates protect doors and windows and drastically reduce the likelihood of a smash and grab robbery.

Securing Drug Stores and Pharmacies with Physical Security

Criminals do not want to spend a lot of time at a crime scene. They know that the longer it takes to commit a crime, the more likely they are to be caught. Therefore, they look for situations where they can quickly break into a location, steal the items they are looking for and escape the scene within minutes. Some smash and grab robberies only take a matter of seconds.

Pharmacy security gates make it significantly more difficult and time-consuming to break into a property. Criminals know this and they avoid properties that have gates installed. By installing security gates on your property, you are placing a strong physical security tool and creating a visual deterrent. This is a significant advantage that security gates hold over other tools such as window film. Not only are security gates effective, but their appearance lets criminals know that it’s going to be tough to break into the property. In most cases, when a criminal sees security gates installed and locked, he or she simply moves on to another target. It just isn’t worth the risk.

You can keep your pharmacy safe and secure by having security gates installed to protect your doors and windows.

Why Choose Quantum Security Gates

Quantum Security is a major supplier and distributor of security gates across North America. Since 1997, we have provided high-quality gates that address the unique needs of each of our customers. We take pride in our dedication to our customers and work with businesses of all shapes and types to solve security problems and help companies make cost-effective choices that drastically improve their level of security.

You can trust Quantum to provide coast-to-coast service, strong after sales support and a dedication to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about security gates or if you’re looking for more information on protecting your drug store, pharmacy or other location, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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