How a Security Gate Protects a Business

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Security Gate Facts and Why They Work

There are many different ways to keep businesses safe, but by far one of the most effective ways to secure a property is by using security gate technology. This is because these physical security tools place a strong barrier between criminals and your business. This separates them from other types of security.

A video surveillance camera may capture footage of a crime in progress, but it does nothing to stop the crime from happening in the first place. Cameras don’t deter criminals, as they know they can easily cover their faces with hoods, scarves, or masks. If a criminal is concealing their identity when they commit a crime, video footage doesn’t help.

Alarm systems also do not discourage criminals from striking either. While an alarm can certainly draw attention to a crime (or even be designed to contact the police as soon as a break-in takes place), the reality is that it takes time for the authorities to arrive. Criminals know this, and that’s why most smash and grab robberies are over in just a few minutes. In fact, some of these crimes take only a couple of seconds. Criminals know that if they can get in and out of a property quickly, they can leave the scene before police arrive.

Installing physical security gate tools at your business deters criminals from striking.

Why Security Gate Technology is So Effective

As mentioned, a physical security gate is an effective tool because it places a strong barrier in between criminals and your property. Unlike alarms or security cameras, a security gate makes it significantly more difficult to gain access. This means that these tools are much more effective at stopping criminals than alarms or cameras, which don’t slow down criminals at all.

The longer that a criminal has to remain on the scene, the greater the likelihood of them getting caught in the act. That’s why they don’t want to hang around for long. A security gate will make it considerably more difficult to enter a business, which means that many criminals won’t even bother. Most smash and grab robberies are carried out with baseball bats, bricks, crowbars, and other crude tools. These tools are ineffective against a security gate.

Security gate technology can also be seen from outside, so it visually deters criminals. They know how effective gates are and can easily see if a business has them installed and locked. A criminal will be significantly less likely to attempt a break-in if they can see that gates are in place. On the other hand, window film cannot be spotted by criminals. This means that they are likely to try to break through a window and make several attempts at doing so, even if the film does its job and protects the window from breaking. These repeated attempts are likely to cause costly damage to your property. Having a security gate in place instead lets criminals know that your business is protected, and they’ll very likely head elsewhere, leaving your business unharmed.

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